House Rules

Fate Points

Ever had one of those moments where your character did something you really wish they hadn’t or you failed that one, really important roll? Fate Points are there to bail you out of those situations.

At the start of every session I will hand out a single Fate Point counter to every player. That play can use it whenever they wish for the following:

  • Take back something you said and/or did in character. This should be done right after it happens.
  • Re-roll any roll. You must take the new result.
  • Save your character from death. Miraculously your last health box is cleared of aggravated damage. Yay for you!

Additional fate points may be awarded for exceptional role playing, buying food for the group, giving someone a ride to the game and/or home, and for generally not being a jackass.

The Power of True Names

  • If a contract is invoked using the true name of its target then two things happen:
  • First, the contract function as if it Catch had been invoked.
  • Second, if the contract is a contested action, the target may not add their Supernatural Tolerance to their resistance roll.
  • A true name must be revealed by the owner of the name.
  • A true name revealed via supernatural compulsion does not necessarily work.
  • A true name revealed by someone other than the owner does not necessarily work.
  • Attempting to invoke a true name revealed by either of these circumstances can have random effects…usually bad for the changeling invoking the name.

City of Madness

  • It is remarkably easy to lose one’s mind while inside Seattle and the neighboring cities.
  • Any roll to resist gaining a derangement suffer a -1 penalty.
  • The XP cost multiplier for buying Clarity is increased by 1.

The Mirror Gate Network

  • Mode of travel within the city
  • A mirror gate can be activated by chanting an activation verse
  • The verse is:

    Spirit of the mirror broken,
    take from me your deathly token.
    Grant me passage through your pane;
    The payment offered, blood and pain.

  • Using a mirror gate costs 1 glamour and causes 1 level of lethal damage

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