Character Creation Guidelines

Each character is a patient at the Gothica Asylum for the Insane on Blake Island (near Seattle). How you ended up there is up to you, so be creative. What’s most important is that Dr.Gothica chose you for the program. Characters can be from anywhere in the world and from all walks of life, although I would prefer that majority of the characters be familiar with United States culture.

Oh, and though this might sound strange, you don’t actually need to have any derangements at character creation. If you want one we can talk it over.

Character Creation

  • Basic characters. No extra experience points.
  • Unlike most Mortals games, you may drop up to two points of Morality for 5 experience points each.
  • Some background information. Starting experience points will be awarded based on the background you provide. I don’t care if it’s in paragraph form or just a bunch of bullet points. I will be adding your characters to my site, so the more you provide me with the better.
  • Equipment list…actually a Personal Property list.


  • Don’t hesitate to take merits like Contacts, Barfly, Resources, or whatever. Even though the story will primarily take place within the Asylum I guarantee you’ll find use for every Merit you put on your sheet.
  • I don’t want to see more than one ‘5’ on your sheet. If you have one it had better be explained in your background information.
  • No Unseen Sense, Wolf Blooded, or Sleepwalker Merits.
  • No minor templates.

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Character Creation Guidelines

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