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The supernatural? Hah! Any technology advanced enough appears no different than magic. Anything else can be explained with chemistry.

Allen is in his 30’s. He is 5’8" and is fit with sandy brown hair. He usually styles it back, but lately has just been letting it hang. He dresses like a less colorful Dr. Huckstable. He carries himself slightly hunched and unassuming (of course, he carries himself tall and proud when masked).

• Everyone has a few manners or quirks unique to them. Describe three of yours.
Allen seems to believe that changing his voice slightly will render him unrecognizable to his enemies. He loves taking a moment to stare at the night sky and always takes a big deep breath before changing his persona.

• If you could accomplish one thing before you die, what would it be?
Before Allen dies, he wants to prevent a criminal from harming someone.

• Name five things about you that would drive a college roommate nuts.
Five things about Allen that would drive a college roommate nuts is he is always practicing his hero-voice. He works with chemicals seeming to only take PERSONAL safety precautions. He never thinks about simple things like personal possessions of food or drinks. He often hides behind stuff to practice his ‘approach’. He is terrible with women and therefore a cock-block to everyone, including himself.

• What was your childhood like?
Allen had a pretty standard childhood. Parents divorced when he was about 13. Father left. Mother died when he was 22.

• What is your most vivid childhood memory?
Allen’s most vivid childhood memory is of the furiously scary neighbor’s dog chasing him.

• Who was your best friend as a child? Are you still in contact with her?
Allen’s best friend as a child was Ben, but they grew apart over the years.

• What were your teenage years like?
Allen’s teenage years was mostly a focus on academics.

• Did you have a childhood enemy? Who was he? Is he still in your life now?
Allen’s childhood enemy was Bryan, a kid from school. Allen hasn’t seen Bryan in years and years but still wants to kick his ass.

• What was your religious upbringing? Was it important to you?
Allen had no religious upbringing, his parents were elitist NPR loving fuck-ass liberals.

• Did you have any kind of training or apprenticeship while growing up? What was it?
Allen joined model rocketry as a young man. He really enjoyed building the rocket engines with his High School chemistry teacher, Mr. Knapp.

• Is your master or mentor still part of your life?
Mr. Knapp still lives in Allen’s home-town, but has retired from teaching. Allen hasn’t seen him for years.

• Are you still undergoing training, or have you completed it?
Allen trains everyday to be a super-hero, and has for a couple years.

• What’s your occupation? Do you enjoy it? Why or why not?
He works as a chemist at a local environmental testing concern. He loves his work, but hates the bureaucracy of working for the local city government.

• Where do you live? Why?
Allen lives in a decent apartment in an okay part of Seattle.

• If you could save only one thing from a fire, what would it be?
A fire!? Allen only has one prized possession! His Linus Pauling signed periodic table.

• What gives your life meaning?
Allen’s life is given meaning by his training; he wants to make a difference.

• Describe your ideal home.
Allen doesn’t have an ideal home, things like ‘where he lives’ are completely extraneous.

• Do you practice a religion? Is it the same as your childhood religion? If not, why?
Allen believes in no religion as he is a scientist. Once you die, you are meat. There are no monsters and all bad guys can be defeated with science.

• How would your best friend describe you? How about your worst enemy?
Allen’s best friend is a house plant. Sharon at work is really nice, and he’s been out to eat with her during happy hour a couple of times. She thinks Allen is nice. Allen’s worst enemy is his boss, but the boss just thinks Allen is a tool.

• Are you a social person? Do you have many friends or just a few?
Allen is the opposite of a social person.

• How’s your love life? Do you have someone special to you?
He has NO love life and has been single since that one night in college.

• What would be your ideal mate?
His ideal mate would be a masked vigilante like himself. They would never know each other’s true identity, but fight crime instead.

• Who do you most often hang around with?
Allen most often hangs out at work, and since he bought his heavy bag and bow-flex he doesn’t even need to go to the gym anymore.

• Do you have any contacts or allies? Describe them.
Allen has no real contacts and certainly no allies.

• How important is your family to you?
He doesn’t really understand ‘family’ or ‘love’.

• Who do you consider to be your family?
His sister is his family. She is nice.

• Do you have any children? How old are they? Where are they now?
He has no other living relatives. His grandparents were also elitist NPR-liberals and thus only had one child each.

• Name five of your goals. These can be anything from “find the best ham sandwich in town” to “conquer the neighboring galaxy and become it’s sole ruler”.
Defeat evil and bring justice to wrong-doers. Protect the innocent from bad guys without getting hurt.

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Allen Paige

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