The Court of Broken Souls

7 Angry Drawf's - Part 1

Life has been quite a roller coaster for the new motley. They’ve spent a month learning about their new reality as members of the Lost community, and how life in the Court of Broken Souls Freehold works. Some of them have had help establishing new mortal identities. All of them have taken advantage of the safety that Haven provides. None of that is free however.

Calico Jack, first amongst the Wardens, approached the motley and tasked them with investigating something that had appeared on the local news. A young woman, missing for two years, had reappeared. The authorities had taken her to a local hospitable, but not before the press found out that she remember nothing about where she had been. Jack feared that this may be the result of a new trod opening, and evidence of a new Fae active in the area.

The motley began investigating and discovered that the girl had been horribly injured, over and over again, in a ritualistic fashion. More disturbing, her eyes had been removed, but not though any surgical technique. The girl remembered little what happened save that she was ‘at the mall’ when her captives traded ‘Sorrow Unseen’ in exchange for supplies. That is when she lost her sight.

Now the motley is preparing to visit the Market Infernus, a local goblin market, when they hope to find the merchant that took the little girls eyes.



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